Born in Pakistan, raised in Australia.

Digital and Mixed Media Artist.

An avid coffee enthusiast I spends most of my time roasting coffee, making coffee, serving coffee and drinking coffee. Mixed media artist, sculptor, painter and occasional freelance design consultant when I'm not doing the aforementioned coffee related things.

I dabble in a whole range of mediums, my creative approach has always been to 'follow the idea', whether that idea takes to acrylic, watercolour or digital. I consider myself to be a Swiss Army Knife but with art tools.

"Danish, an Australian illustrator, creates striking, colourful and punchy scenes with emotive and motion-rich characters, steeped in a neo-urban art vibe. He uses splashes of colour, tastefully selected sample imagery and experimental style combinations to fuse captivating and gutsy portraits and gorgeously modern scenes."

- Kate Smith, Minus37