About Bluethumb Digital

For ten years we’ve built tools that liberate artists.

Every day we wake up and choose to build technology to help artists sell more work, chase their career dreams, quit jobs. It’s our mission in life, and work, and it’s something we care deeply about.

We’ve always been for artists, and finally, we can be for digital artists too. We’ve been trying to solve how to price and sell digital art since 2016. Thankfully NFTs solve this for us (ERC-721🙏🏻).

Deep Inside Us lives another Universe by Ankur Patar
Randy Racket by ROBSON

Art not apes

When we see anonymous art projects making fortunes for their founders without artists reaping the benefits, it makes us mad. It makes us want to do something about it.

We are like the Bored Ape Yacht Club, except the complete opposite.

The art is the hype.

The artists get the majority of the proceeds.

The artists are the heroes here. That’s not to say collectors are ignored, we’ve got big plans for our Genesis collectors, and our Collector Club.

Genesis logo

Our Genesis Drop is a curated collection of 92 exclusive artworks from some of the best digital artists in Australia, including Marble Mannequin, Tammy Kanat, ROBSON and more. As our inaugural collection, any Genesis artwork held will give the owner priority access to future collector pieces and other benefits across Bluethumb’s physical and digital offerings.

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Investing in the future

Some of the most interesting, new, important, and outright crazy art is digital. Digital adds another dimension to owning art. The display of digital art at home is a problem to solve (we love problems to solve) but it’s also art you can keep with you, trade easily, and display across your online life. It’s incredibly cool.

We think we’ve built the best technology in the world for artists to sell their physical art and grow their careers. We’ve built a community of 250,000 art fanatics. Now we are launching NFTs to do this for digital artists. (Next we’re tackling the problem of secondary art. For too long, artists have been cut out of earning when their art becomes collectable on the secondary market. We’re fixing that soon).

We can’t rug this, our roadmap isn’t measured in months. Our roadmap is to build a 100 year technology company, in art. If we draw a line from year zero to year ten (now), and then extend it another ten years, we would be the largest art organisation in the world.

This is not a given, in fact, the odds are stacked against us. But starting in a small city, in a small country, a long way from anywhere, the odds have always felt long. We operate best as underdogs.

Amidst Fractals #1 by Pat Younis

“No-one will buy art on the internet, sight unseen”

Every investor we ever met in our first three years said this. Every art industry expert. Every gallery owner. It was the artists who took a chance with us. And it was their trust in us that got us our start, and we will never forget it. We have the exact same gratitude to the amazing NFT artists who are joining us now as a new entrant in NFTs.

Our relentless pursuit of better technology for artists to sell art has gotten us a long way, but there’s so much more to do. Every time we help an artist quit their job to pursue art full time we take one more small step forward. Here’s to more of it.

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Jellyfish Maker by Marble Mannequin

Our commitment to the environment

We’ve partnered withTraceto make Bluethumb Digital a net-zero NFT platform, with a portion of proceeds going back to writing off our carbon emissions on the Ethereum network. As Ethereum moves to Proof-of-Stake we believe the network will be environmentally friendly and in line with our mission to empower Australian artists regardless of the medium of their work.