Mysterious Al

Mysterious Al

Twenty years ago, Mysterious Al began his art career by selling Flash animations on eBay. It was like Crypto Art, but without the Crypto. Just a PayPal account and an element of trust.

Next, Al’s work found its way onto the streets, and in 2005 put him at the forefront of an emerging art movement now known as ‘street-art’. He achieved global notoriety and success with his colourful characters and illegal street exhibitions alongside his contemporaries D*face PMH and Dave The Chimp.

In a career spanning 25 years and encompassing huge murals, animated projections and large-scale immersive exhibitions , Al has come full-circle; back to his animation roots.

Like his paintings, Al’s NFT’s start life in the real world as torn paper collages before being digitally coloured and animated. The resulting works are truly original and unlike anything else in the NFT space. "Have you ever wished that you could go back to your twenties with all the experience of middle age? That’s how I feel when I make Crypto Art. I’ve spent decades honing one of the most distinctive styles in the urban art world. Now animation has given my work a new level of life. I feel like I’m at the beginning of something really exciting and I can’t wait to show the world."

After his early NFT works being quickly snapped up by collectors, Bluethumb is proud to present the first curated collection of Al’s digital work.