Simon Cardwell

Simon Cardwell

Simon Cardwell is a Visual Artist working in the medium of photography. He was born in Adelaide, South Australia in 1960.

Simon uses dramatic images of flowers in landscapes as a means to portray and explore human perceptions of their own emotions and their sense of self and identity in conditions of freedom and isolation.
Simon’s work starts within the traditions of photography then branches out to a more manipulated and painterly concept of placement, colour and design. Then his candidly surrealist methodology manipulates beautifully rendered arrangements of botanic art or nature-morte into serene meditations via which we ponder and experience essential stillness, the quietude of primary existence, of simple or simply being, within the solace of the self.
Simon studied Visual Art in Adelaide at the University of Adelaide and the Academie voor Beeldende Kunst in the Nederland's. Since then he has received international recognition. Simon has been collected by the Australian National Gallery, Western Australian Gallery and many private collections. Represented by Nanda/Hobbs in Sydney. Awards include Moran Prize - semi-finalist 2013, Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert - official selection, Hazelhurst Art On Paper Award Finalist. 2021, Illustrators Awards - 2013, Hazelhurst Art Prize - Works On Paper - official selection - finalist 2013, Illustrators Awards. 2012, PX3 - Fine Art - official selection. 2011.

He is currently working in his studio in Sydney.