Zeke`s Lunchbox-114

Anatomy of a Muse: Leda and the Swan

Ξ 0.2 ETH

Artwork Description

"Edition 1 of 1. I made this artwork as a reaction to the intensity of the NFT world, A.I. generated art and web3 as a whole. A reaction to the culture of online hyper-masculinity, a reaction to the fear of being redundant as an artist. And lastly, a reaction to where I fit into this digital space, especially as woman. Anatomy of a Muse: Leda and the Swan is an exploration of what makes a muse, why is she adored and why we are consumed with her demise? The goal was catharsis but in the end we're just left with confronting the trauma. Oh, you want your muse? Here she is!"

NFT Frame

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